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How to Attract Millennial Residents to Your Rental Property

As Millennials become increasingly important to the rental marketplace, many property owners find themselves scrambling to increase their appeal to the group. More so than their predecessors, Millennials prefer the flexibility of renting—which means they’ll be a dominant force in rentals for a long time to come. To make sure you’re equipped to appeal to this crucial market segment, we recommend you pay attention to these aspects of your rentals:

What The Best Property Management Companies Do Differently

The line between great property management companies and merely acceptable ones can be difficult to discern if you don’t understand what the best companies do differently. If you’re not already looking for the key differences, you may not realize you’re working with a mediocre or subpar management firm until something goes wrong, because simply staying the course when the course is clear is quite easy. To make sure you’re getting the service you should keep an eye out for these key differences:

Ready to Rent Your Property? Advice from Property Managers

Ready to rent your property? This is the first step to building durable wealth for many Americans. Owning an investment property as a rental is the easiest way to build durable, long-lasting wealth that you can rely on in retirement and pass on to your children.

The Five Essential People On Your HOA Board

As a homeowner in San Diego or Orange County, you depend on your local HOA to keep your community running smoothly. A strong, accountable board of directors for HOA property management ensures that residential common areas are maintained, disputes between members are solved efficiently, and all inspections and maintenance are conducted on a regular basis.

San Diego Among Top Cities for Rental Growth in 2017

Running a successful rental property is as much about the services and location as it is the region in which it is situated. You can purchase property after property and offer the exemplary service, but if your properties are located in low-growth areas, you will never turn a profit.

Why Clients Choose Property ADVANTAGE for HOA Management in San Diego and Orange County

For almost three decades, Property ADVANTAGE has offered the best homeowner association (HOA) management services in San Diego and Orange County, as well as surrounding areas. Property ADVANTAGE boasts a diverse team of experienced and skilled property professionals who oversee day-to-day responsibilities of properties. Everyone in the company is highly devoted to providing unmatched attention to managing residential properties of clients, while remaining current on rental regulations and laws.

New Year Resolutions: How to Travel More with Rental Properties Next Year

Have far off destinations been calling you? Do you regret not traveling more even though you have the financial means from your investment properties?

How to Lower Your Risk as a Property Owner with Tenants

Renting properties is fraught with risk. Your tenants could get injured. Your property could get damaged. One of your support staff could leave you open to a lawsuit. There are numerous ways in which a rental business could leave you open to risk. Therefore, before purchasing a rental property, it is prudent of you to consider methods that can reduce your risk.

Why Property Managers Are an Asset to Owners

Considering leasing out your San Diego home? Your first priority is to determine whether you will act as a landlord or partner with a property manager when working with residents. There will, of course, be pros and cons to both scenarios. Right now, it's important to consider the benefits to what property management companies in San Diego provide for owners and why you may consider going that route instead.

The Fair Housing Act and Pet Prohibitions and Restrictions

Most planned communities and Home Owner's Associations have some pet restrictions. These restrictions vary by limiting the size, number, and type of pet that can be kept.

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