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Now is the Time for Property Investors to Buy

A change of season means many things--holidays to celebrate, switching wardrobes (even in San Diego, you may want to take out a scarf or a sweater), and new possibilities for residential leases.

Property Management 101: Repairing or Replacing Flooring

Over the life of an investment property, flooring can be a minor or major maintenance issue and expense. Much of the time, it is minor. Sometimes it becomes a gray area.

Many times, you can prolong the necessity of replacement by using a reputable contractor to repair the areas in question or even possibly replace a damaged area if suitable materials are available. However, when the decision to repair or replace is cloudy, it may be a wiser choice to move on to replacement.

5 Questions You Must Ask Potential New Tenants

If you've just gotten the news that quality renters will be moving on, it's only natural that you want to fill the upcoming vacancy with new renters who will be just as pleasurable to have in your apartment complex. The best way to do this is by screening all applicants, meeting renters in person, and asking questions that give you insight into how the applicants will be if accepted as renters. Use these five questions to find the best-qualified tenants in your applicant pool.

Property Investment Advice: Plan Winter Maintenance Early

Thinking about winter maintenance needs for your investment before the season hits can often save you money. An extra benefit is that it can help to keep your tenants happy. If you wait until the rains or winds come and the roof leaks, you will be competing with everyone else to have the work done because roofing contractors are at their busiest. This can mean major delays and higher costs.

When the weather is better, contractors may not charge as much because their workload is lighter and they want more work. Tenants can become unhappy with the inconvenience of a leaky roof but if the problem is severe enough, there can be loss of rent because of uninhabitable or unsafe conditions.

HOA Questions: What can we do about the owner always calling the police?

With the holidays approaching, house parties and large gatherings will be happening all through the neighborhood. This is the time when homes will be open to a bevy of family and friends in celebration of the season. This is also the time when the needs increase for HOA management teams.

The 10 Important Qualities of an Effective Property Management Company

You should be discerning when selecting a property management company in San Diego. The property management company you choose will be mostly responsible for the success or failure of your property. You shouldn’t hire just any random property management company.

To guide you in your decision here is a list of 10 important qualities that every property management company should possess:

Renting During the Holidays (Don't panic!)

"Why is the tenant giving notice now!" This may be your first reaction if you receive a notice to vacate from a tenant with a holiday season approaching. The first thought is that no one will rent a property in November, much less December - the holiday month. There is the prevailing belief that the property cannot possibly rent until the first of the year or possibly even longer.

How Property Management Companies Find You the Perfect Resident for Your Rental 

As a property owner, one of your hardest and most important business endeavors is finding the perfect resident for your rental. The background checks, meetings, and sheer quantity of applications can be an overwhelming process, not to mention exhausting. While it's impossible to guarantee a successful relationship with any resident, experienced property management companies in San Diego can save you time and energy, and help recognize the traits that make someone the ideal candidate for your rental property.

Signs It Is Time to Change HOA Management Companies

Every fall, HOAs throughout the country vote on issues touching on the upcoming year. During this period, most if not all HOA management contracts end and are subject to renewal. If your contract is subject to renewal, then it’s surely the best time to analyze your management situation.

Why Property Investors Should Work with Property Management Companies

Purchasing a property and leasing it out to residents can offer a healthy stream of income. However, regardless of your type of property — multi-unit or single-family, residential or commercial — headaches and hassles are inevitable. Hard work and patience go into finding the right residents and maintaining your property.

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