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How to Pick the Right HOA Management Company

Choosing to work with a HOA management company area is a big decision. Your next step will be deciding which company you trust to manage your property. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating companies:

San Diego Rental Market Spotlight: Del Mar

The San Diego rental market is hot, and it's easy to see why property owners are investing in the greater San Diego area, but what sets each area apart? Del Mar is a community of almost 2 square miles on the Pacific coast it was named for (Del Mar is Spanish for 'by the sea'.) Consisting of a little over 4,000 people, the area has a higher average income and lower crime rate than many nearby areas.

What San Diego Property Owners Need to Know About Fair Housing

San Diego County boasts some of the best weather in the world. Over three million people call San Diego County home. It is one of the most diverse counties in the country and the second most populous in California. It's a dynamic and exciting place to live, which is why so many people call San Diego County home.

How to Prepare a San Diego Rental Property for Tenants

The San Diego housing and rental market is exploding. Just six months ago, it was reported that the average rent in San Diego hit $1,743 a month, an increase of 8.4 percent. Furthermore, the vacancy rate dropped another 2.17 percent, to the lowest rate in five years. In short, San Diego is a booming market with huge opportunities for real estate investors and property owners who act quickly.

10 Things That Make a Great Rental Property in San Diego

Renting a property in San Diego means you should consider many different factors as an owner. Searching across the greater San Diego area you'll compare properties from El Cajon to Mira Mesa, and back to downtown San Diego.

Thinking about getting into the rental market in San Diego? Learn how to buy or rent competitively in this hot property market. Here are some things to keep in mind:

5 Steps to Renting Your Property Through a San Diego Property Management Company

The rental market in San Diego Real Estate is booming. More and more people are moving to San Diego county to take advantage of our sunshine, decent school systems and beautiful beaches.

Doing it Yourself vs. Working with a San Diego Property Management Company

So, you are considering renting your property? Congratulations, you are on the first step toward a new journey of building durable wealth through rental income for your family and future generations. Now comes the age-old question, should you manage it on your own or hire a San Diego property management company? There are pros and cons to both options.

Property Management Questions: Do I have to fix that?

A resident with a disability evokes sympathy and compassion from all of us, whether we are fellow residents of an apartment building, landlords, or representatives of a professional property management company. We all recognize the blessings of strong bodies and five good senses. Where is the line drawn, though, on what a resident with a disability can or cannot expect as reasonable accommodations or reasonable modifications to a building?

Property Management for a Single-Family Home versus Multi-family Property

Investing in real estate is the single-best way for families to climb the income ladder. Real estate, even after the Great Recession, is still one of the safest investments and the most likely to generate sufficient returns to substantially increase your family’s wealth, especially after acquiring several properties.

What a Hands-On Approach to Property Management Looks Like

Property management is a complex undertaking. Many people misunderstand the multiple hats that a property manager is expected to wear. Property managers conduct necessary repairs, collect rents, meet with prospective residents, hire contractors (i.e. plumbers, electricians, and other professionals), manage to landscape, and address issues raised by residents. Most of these duties are specific to each property and its residents, however, there are a few that are universally applied.

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