San Diego Property Management 101: DIY vs Professional Management Services

We compare doing it yourself versus working with a San Diego Property Management company.

Download our free guide to compare a DIY approach to hiring a professional property management company.

Deciding to lease your property is a big decisions and a great first step in building your wealth through real estate. Now the next step is to figure out if you want to manage your rental property and tenants yourself, or hire a full-service property management company to help you out.

To help you make your decision, we've created this free guide to look at the comparison between doing it yourself and hiring a San Diego property management company. We break it down by the important responsibilities that a property manager must take care of and look at what you'd be responsible for as both a landlord and San Diego property manager.

This comparison guide covers important residential property management topics such as:

  1. Advertising a property and finding tenants
  2. Conducting legal background checks and leases
  3. Renovating and maintaining a safe rental property
  4. Responding to emergency situations

We've divided up these main topics to help you understand the key responsibilities of a great rental property owner. Download our guide now to learn!


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