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How to Pick the Right HOA Management Company

Choosing to work with a HOA management company area is a big decision. Your next step will be deciding which company you trust to manage your property. Here are some factors to consider when evaluating companies:

The Five Essential People On Your HOA Board

As a homeowner in San Diego or Orange County, you depend on your local HOA to keep your community running smoothly. A strong, accountable board of directors for HOA property management ensures that residential common areas are maintained, disputes between members are solved efficiently, and all inspections and maintenance are conducted on a regular basis.

Why Clients Choose Property ADVANTAGE for HOA Management in San Diego and Orange County

For almost three decades, Property ADVANTAGE has offered the best homeowner association (HOA) management services in San Diego and Orange County, as well as surrounding areas. Property ADVANTAGE boasts a diverse team of experienced and skilled property professionals who oversee day-to-day responsibilities of properties. Everyone in the company is highly devoted to providing unmatched attention to managing residential properties of clients, while remaining current on rental regulations and laws.

The Fair Housing Act and Pet Prohibitions and Restrictions

Most planned communities and Home Owner's Associations have some pet restrictions. These restrictions vary by limiting the size, number, and type of pet that can be kept.

HOA Questions: What can we do about the owner always calling the police?

With the holidays approaching, house parties and large gatherings will be happening all through the neighborhood. This is the time when homes will be open to a bevy of family and friends in celebration of the season. This is also the time when the needs increase for HOA management teams.

Signs It Is Time to Change HOA Management Companies

Every fall, HOAs throughout the country vote on issues touching on the upcoming year. During this period, most if not all HOA management contracts end and are subject to renewal. If your contract is subject to renewal, then it’s surely the best time to analyze your management situation.

Top HOA Management Issues That Arise From Poor Communication

In Television shows and movies, a common problem amongst characters is poor communication. If you see a couples counselor, he or she will tell you the number one issue in your relationship is the lack of communication. Communication is the bedrock of every successful relationship. The protagonist in the movie lives happily ever after he/she learns how to communicate feelings effectively. Couples can work out almost any problem once they communicate about it.

The same basic principles apply to the management of a property you own. Maintaining clear lines of communication between yourself and the property management company, board members and residents, and contractors is imperative. You cannot expect a relationship to thrive if you do not know how to communicate with one another and subsequently resolve disputes.

The following issues are the top reasons why Homeowners' Association (HOA) board of directors are unable to manage properties due to a lack of effective communication. If these problems seem familiar, then it may be time to rethink your approach.

HOA Property Management: What is it and Why Use it

Homeowners Associations, or HOAs, have big challenges on their hands: they have to be on call to maintain the quality and smooth functioning of a community, no matter what challenges it may face. The resources and experience of an HOA board may not always be matched to the task, however — and sometimes, an external perspective can be beneficial. HOA Property Management, offered by San Diego HOA management companies, can provide the resources and experience needed to support an HOA in its work.

5 Tips to Run HOA Meetings More Effectively

Even if you aren't on the board of directors, it's important to attend all of your Homeowners' Association (HOA) meetings. Many decisions made during HOA meetings can have a big impact on how your rental property is managed. For example, you may want to build onto an existing property to help boost property value, thereby attracting more residents and increasing income. Depending on HOA decisions and rules, you may not be allowed to make big additions to your home.

How an HOA Board and HOA Management Company Work Together

Planned developments offer many amenities to their residents. However, they also bring great responsibilities for those homeowners who serve on the Board of the Home Owner’s Association (HOA). It is the board that has the duty to promote a high quality of life, maintain curb appeal and ultimately protect the property values of the residences in the community. This is a big job and many HOA boards find it necessary to bring in some professional help. They hire an HOA management company to help run the community. If you are involved in such a development, it is important to understand the roles of both the HOA and the HOA management company.

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