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How to Value and Analyze Investment Property

With dozens of ways to invest your money, deciding to invest in real estate is both a little bit risky and very rewarding. However, to ensure that you actually a big return on your investment, you first need to do your research and determine whether a property is valuable enough to add to your assets. In order to do this, look at any potential rental property from the perspective of cash flow and immediate results.

How We Increased a Property’s Rent by 47% in One Month

When it comes to leasing properties long-term, many investors want help finding ways to increase their monthly cash flow from their properties. Often times property owners are skeptical of their ability to increase rent rateswithout making large investments up front or losing residents in the process. Property Advantage has made it a priority to help their clients increase their rental rates by making some very calculated investments where they are needed most.

What Makes a Good Rental Property

Are you thinking about leasing your San Diego rental property? Doing so can be a very profitable endeavor, especially in San Diego County. In fact, if you're already a real estate investor, then you may  want to invest in another property. Rental properties can be a great source of steady income, after all.

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