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Lease or Sell: 4 Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Decide What to Do With Your Property

It is an age-old question that confronts many homeowners: Should you lease your real estate property for long-term security and a steady income, or sell it for a quick payout and secure a down payment for your next single-family home? The answer is as complicated and multi-faceted as the question.

How to Increase the Value of Your Rental Property from a Top San Diego Property Management Company

If you're looking for ways to increase the rent of your rental property, then it is a good idea to invest in making a few improvements. Making some updates to your property is a great way to attract qualify residents who will be happy to pay a little more. After all, residents are looking for a place they can call home – those who are able and willing to spend more on a rental want an attractive, updates and comfortable property to make their own. 

Sell or Rent: 5 Reasons Why Leasing Your Property is the Smarter Idea

When it comes time to downsize or if you need to move away, you may be wondering whether you should sell or rent out your property. When it comes to unused property, most people would opt to sell first before leasing. After all, a one-time buyer-seller transaction is easier to manage than a long-term landlord-resident relationship, and the lure of the lump sum is also hard to resist.

12 Practical Steps to Protect Your Property Investment from the San Diego Property Management Pros

Property is a considerable investment, likely one of your most important assets. As such, it is important that you protect that investment. As a property management company, it also falls on us to help look after your property investment and stear you towards the best options for you.

We want to review 12 practices that we, as your management company, continually use to protect your investment.

Property Investment: Important Questions to Ask Your Insurance Agent

There are important steps that investors must take to ensure the success of their rental property; one of the most critical is that of procuring the right property insurance.

Does Your Property Need a Tune-Up?

If you maintain a car by having periodic oil changes, adjustments to timing, interior/exterior detailing and more, it will not only keep the machine in working order but also help with the value when you decide to sell. In short, your vehicle periodically needs a tune-up. It is the same with an investment property; you need to maintain the property in order to keep or increase its value.

Pest Control and Your Investment

Pests can be a problem any time during the year and are a common occurrence in the rental industry. If you check the dictionary, there are varying definitions for pests; here are three common ones.

  1. An insect or other small animal that harms or destroys garden plants, trees, etc.
  2. An annoying or troublesome person, animal, or thing; nuisance
  3. A deadly epidemic disease, especially a plague; pestilence 

Child Safety in Investment Properties

Some property owners would like to avoid renting to tenants with children because they feel this can lead to more damage and additional expense when it comes to safety. However, the Fair Housing Act prohibits discrimination of familial status. There are exceptions such as properties that qualify under the senior housing exemption but exceptions are few. Discriminating against children and violating Fair Housing is definitely not the solution for any investor to avoid child safety. 

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