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How a San Diego Property Manager Prevents Fires

A fire can be devastating for anyone; each year thousands are injured or die in home fires. Although you cannot predict a disaster, the majority of the time, a fire in a rental property does not have to happen. Preventing a fire in a residence involves teamwork between property owners, the property manager, and residents.

Why San Diego's Best Property Management Companies Use Licensed Contractors

A rental property is an important part of your financial portfolio. It generally takes careful planning and a large financial outlay, which is just the beginning. A successful investment takes expertise, which is why you think carefully about who will manage your property and we thank you for choosing our company.

"It's Cleaner Than When I Found It": Setting Cleanliness Expectations with Tenants

Every property manager has heard this phrase many times. If said during a property management gathering, it usually elicits laughs or groans. As a property owner, you may have experienced these words first-hand from a resident yourself. No one really wants to hear this statement from any tenant.

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